how could you falter when you the rock of gibraltar?

15 04 2010

day 3… brought to you by Jay Z. He’s my running buddy when the ladies aren’t available. Along with T.I. and Nelly. My workout music varies greatly from my normal listening tastes… but whatever works right?

Day 3 went well. Ran 2 miler (on the treadmill to save time due to night lessons). Wasn’t much fun but I ran fast at the end. Just under 20 minutes… 19:20 or something? Followed up with a little walking, then abs and a couple weight machines. Followed by EPIC GYM SHOWER. Love it.

Food was ok today… ate 1/2 apple for breakfast w/ cinnamon on top, had the second half of it for lunch along w/ the rest of my bibimbap from yesterday and some strawberries. Attempted to eat the green peppers I cut up but they tasted like dirt. Weird. Slight misstep with a muffin at 3pm (something about the time those kids leave…) and am planning another french toast dinner. Wellll it’ll be a weekend away so this is no time to stock the cupboards.

Will have a hiatus until Monday due to out of towning! It’s Ollie’s birthday in Gangneung and she has requested we re-create the Olympics. With alcohol. I’ll be representing Norway with some handmade costume action. Kindy teacher whatttt. Hoping the Olympics results in some running (but more likely along the lines of… DRINK THAT BEER. NOW RUN!) but if not, might be a training free weekend. Will pick back up champion style on Monday! 🙂


Vacation all I ever wanted: Muui-do

5 05 2009

Long weekend due to Children’s Day (May 5, kind of stealing the Cinco de Mayo thunder there, Korean kids!) I headed to Muui-do with some friends, which is an island a stone’s throw from Incheon Airport island. We rented a beach hut, brought an obscene amount of Carlo Rossi, and spent the entire glorious weekend playing frisbee, exploring mud flats, singing to strangers/new friends guitars and generally having a lovely time. I came back to enjoy too much card playing mania at Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon, then an extended Tuesday playdate in Hongdae with my friend Athena. Good times, all around.

And now because pictures are worth a lot more than words…