13 04 2010

Back as a way to get me on track to do a 10k in 8 weeks… it can be done! Apologies for being boring, but I’ll be far more accountable if I track food/exercise on the internets for actual real people to look at. Not that they’d want to… but that they COULD.

Today, official start to 10k training. We scoured the internet at work and came up with a simple and seemingly easy to follow training program. It gave a Monday as a rest day (although I’ll likely be changing that to Saturday… because honestly.) and had a Tuesday easy 2 mile start.

While the day was nothing but easy (field trip! chaos! night lesson! sleep deprivation! overheated gym!) I still made the first goal. Pretty poor effort, with 10:40 first mile and slightly under 10:00 mile 2 (not precise, treadmill is in km) but since it’s “Day 1” it can be forgiven.

Food was as follows:

Breakfast: 1 banana, since I ran out of yogurt. hmm.

Lunch (teacher’s lunch courtesy of Leo’s mom!): golf ball sized portions of potato salad, and curry chicken salad (AMAZING!), 3 tiny cookies, tupperware full of fruit pieces, various snacks fed by kindy children.Ahem. Will make better effort not to eat what the children feed me.

Dinner: leftover sandwich from lunch (Leo’s mom rocked the lunch packing situation)

Waters: 1 liter for sure…. possibly closer to 2.

Not a totally poor effort food wise, but less snacks and it’ll be golden.

Here’s to the 10k!!!



20 10 2009

vinylOh it’s love. Vinyl, a little stand in Hongdae, Seoul that sells juice bags with an adult twist. Sit inside in the tiny cozy space or enjoy the comfort and freedom that comes with Korea’s open alcohol policies. Lovelovelove Asia.

I have arrived

21 07 2008

The flight was fairly uneventful. What time I didn’t spend reading the ridiculously violent and sexually depraved book Naked Lunch (William S. Burroughs, totally screwed up) and studying Korean vocab, I spent sleeping. Upon arrival at the Incheon International Airport, I picked up my bags (side note: THEY DIDN’T LOSE MY BAGS! I have horrendous luck with this so woohoo Korean Air!) and made my way out of customs without a hitch.

My airport pick-up had a sign that read “Alicia” so I knew I was in the right place. Mr. Oh took my luggage rack and led me through the airport to his car, nearly hitting just about every person who got in his way, and even clipping some poor girl’s ankles with the heavy cart. I’m glad I was fairly tired, or else I might have laughed out loud when that happened, which I’m sure she would not have appreciated.  Between traffic and distance from the airport, it took about an hour to reach Seoul. At one point Mr. Oh slowed down rather abruptly, and then laughed when I asked if it was because of the speed camera. I guess speeding and not wanting to get caught is just one of those things that spans all cultures.

Now I am up too early from a night with a bed too hard, sipping tea that tastes mostly pleasant but also a little bit like dirt. Weird.

I need food, but first I need to switch money. From a short walk down the road last night I know there are no English signs, and the atm doesn’t display English, either. Alas, food will have to wait.

Training begins in 3 hours, so I am off to shower and attempt to look presentable in my wrinkled clothes. Wish me luck!