Summer evenings

25 06 2009

My recent bicycle purchase coincided with my decision to stay another year in Seoul. I’m loving the change of perspective. Seeing the city from a bicycle makes me feel so much more a part of it. The Han River has a very well developed bike trail along either side of it, which has made for lovely summer evening rides, and some great photo opportunities as well!


Teaching kindergarten is funny.

24 06 2009

I came in from lunch today to find my co-teacher scotch taped to a chair with her hands and feet taped together. It seems as though she allowed the joke to happen for a minute, then found herself incapacitated.

…I had to cut the tape off of her to free her. Moral of the story? We have the best students ever.

Also, managed to dye my hands pink today while trying to dye clay into various colors. Alicia Teacher : 0, Kindergarten : 1.

In other news, the ink is dry on my contract renewal. Korea and I are lined up for one last dance.

Viewing Abroad

10 05 2009

I’ve always been funny about tv. I don’t tend to watch too much of it (in fact don’t even know how to work the one I’ve got now) but I do get stuck on a few shows, and I love being able to chill out in my apartment and watch my favorites. It’s a constant source of frustration to me, though, to see the message on the screen “This Video Is Not Available In Your Region”. Gahhh. If there was one thing I’d change about all the lovely new online programming, it’d be that damn message. I want to watch me some good ol’ American television online in Korea! It’s a global world, let’s make that happen!

Anyway, that started as a rant but will end with a rave, because I have discovered online PBS broadcasts that work in Korea. Rejoice! Not only television, but EDUCATIONAL television. Will let you know how many hours I spend in my apartment since this discovery, it’s sure to be a bit pathetic.

I’m currently watching “Jesus in China” about underground Christian churches trying to worship freely without the Communist government telling them how to do it. Pretty interesting I must say.

Anyway, watch and love.

Vacation all I ever wanted: Muui-do

5 05 2009

Long weekend due to Children’s Day (May 5, kind of stealing the Cinco de Mayo thunder there, Korean kids!) I headed to Muui-do with some friends, which is an island a stone’s throw from Incheon Airport island. We rented a beach hut, brought an obscene amount of Carlo Rossi, and spent the entire glorious weekend playing frisbee, exploring mud flats, singing to strangers/new friends guitars and generally having a lovely time. I came back to enjoy too much card playing mania at Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon, then an extended Tuesday playdate in Hongdae with my friend Athena. Good times, all around.

And now because pictures are worth a lot more than words…










Lotus Lantern Festival

27 04 2009

Lotus Lantern Festival




….more to come. My computer is running out of space for all the darn RAW files, hah!

Cherry Blossom Festival

14 04 2009

Headed to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Yeuido this weekend. Didn’t really take part in any festivities (if there were any, aside from an increased amount of street food vendors^^) but concentrated on practicing with my camera!

Saturday’s alright alright alright

4 04 2009

I’ve got a lovely post about some fave bars in Itaewon brewing, until then, Saturday stories! It’s been quite the epic Saturday. I woke up much earlier than I am accustomed to, and went straight to the mountain trails near my apartment with my dog Elly! She spent about an hour playing (leash free! woohoo!) in the dead leaves leftover from fall, while I took photos of the spring flowers. I’m loving the change of weather!!!


Elly, on a mission, avoiding the camera as usual


pretty spring flowers!

After the hike this morning I studied some Spanish on Rosetta Stone, and then I spent about an hour reading at a cafe called Little Jakob in Cheongdam before my afternoon lesson. It’s a great little coffee shop outside exit 12 (Cheongdam, Line 7) with comfy chairs! I’ve been on a reading spree, starting and finishing “Sellevision” by Augusten Burroughs yesterday, and starting and finishing “A Long Way Gone: Memories of a Boy Soldier” by Ishmael Beah today. A bit all over the board with genres, clearly, but both were good. I picked up a couple more books but hopefully can contain my enthusiasm for reading and draw them out a bit more!

Tonight will start at a great hookah bar called Rainbow in Kangnam. I’m looking forward to the laid back, dimly lit atmosphere for a chill evening. I’m attempting to have more chill weekend nights to facilitate more productive weekends as my time wanes in South Korea. There’s so much I haven’t seen, and I only have 4 months! I will keep you updated about the best places I find 😉