Day 2

14 04 2010

Exercise win! Diet loss. Details below.

Exercise: 3 mile run with coworker/partner in 10k crime Steph. It went well despite bad weather and bad moods. Ended up admiring the blue sky at 1.5miles complete and realized that there IS something to that whole “exercise for happiness” thing. Gym immediately following run for 5 min stairmaster, 15 min bike ride (slow pace, only 6k completed), and stretching and handful of crunches. Workout followed by EPIC shower in the gym shower… it makes it all worth it!


Breakfast: 1 egg w/ chopped up spicy green pepper (not sure what it is) and a handful of dark green leaves resembling spinach but not really? (thanks Korea!)

Lunch: 1/2 serving of bibimbap (rice, vegetables and spicy red pepper paste), small bowl of miso-ish soup

3pm snack: cake from the staff room. damn you mommies!!!

5pm snack: a handful of peanuts

Dinner: 2 pieces french toast and strawberries. not incredibly healthy but incredibly delicious! (also the only thing I had in my house and you better believe I wasn’t grocery shopping after that run!!!)

Water: 2 liters at school, 1 liter after school/workout time … nice!

Good effort! More tomorrow!




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