Viewing Abroad

10 05 2009

I’ve always been funny about tv. I don’t tend to watch too much of it (in fact don’t even know how to work the one I’ve got now) but I do get stuck on a few shows, and I love being able to chill out in my apartment and watch my favorites. It’s a constant source of frustration to me, though, to see the message on the screen “This Video Is Not Available In Your Region”. Gahhh. If there was one thing I’d change about all the lovely new online programming, it’d be that damn message. I want to watch me some good ol’ American television online in Korea! It’s a global world, let’s make that happen!

Anyway, that started as a rant but will end with a rave, because I have discovered online PBS broadcasts that work in Korea. Rejoice! Not only television, but EDUCATIONAL television. Will let you know how many hours I spend in my apartment since this discovery, it’s sure to be a bit pathetic.

I’m currently watching “Jesus in China” about underground Christian churches trying to worship freely without the Communist government telling them how to do it. Pretty interesting I must say.

Anyway, watch and love.




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