22 02 2009

I know I promised news of Japan, and photos…. but I’m lazy and I hate the WordPress photo uploader. Here’s the links to my facebook albums, so you can check out the photos! I took a lot… I loved Japan!

Japan 1

Japan 2

Japan 3

Japan 4

The trip was too short, and I must go back as soon as possible! Enjoy the photos 🙂



22 02 2009

Sorry friends, I’m horrible lately at the motivation. But that’s not completely true, because I’ve got all sorts of motivation in other aspects of life, just not writing it all down here! I’ve been writing epic letters, nay, NOVELS to friends at home,  I finally added Skype money to stay in touch, and I started planning the epic vacation that my brother and I will take when he is discharged from the Marines next spring! So many ands… AND! I am tackling the task of learning to create stop motion video using still photos and iMovie. What? My pre-schoolers decided they wanted to learn about animation for their final project, so now I’m making it happen. I’ve been obsessively downloading suitable background music and sound effects and playing with iMovie, which is a program I previously thought wholly pointless and taking up valuable space on my MacBook. If I can figure out how to post the final results here, I will!

In other, completely lovely news, I will be starting to teach a new class come March. My new co-teacher is wonderful and the children we’re getting are ever so cute and almost make up for the fact that I will miss my current students FAR too much. I’ll be teaching the same level as the past 6 months, but it’ll be the first half of the year that I finished, so it’s like reversing the curriculum I’m used to. Should be fun! I’m excited to have a fresh start and be the official “teacher” of a class, instead of feeling like I’m taking over a class and trying to play catch up.

This weekend has been especially fabulous. It was my friend’s going away party, and we spent Saturday night at a theme party where we tried to embody “French Riviera”. I met a lot of great people and look forward to more theme parties! Sadly we also got another taste of the consequences of packing every foreigner in Itaewon, and my friend’s purse was stolen. We have terrible luck at this one particular joint, and I doubt we’ll be going back there anytime soon.

I’ll try to write more often, I won’t post a goal or anything because let’s be real, I’m more motivated when it doesn’t feel like a necessary chore, but a fun retelling and remembrance of life. Until then, I’ll be out living!