Self Improvement Updates

19 01 2009

Week 1: Resounding success. Ran wayyy more than 3 times, I think 6 times? Anyway, good start.
Week 2: Badbadbad. Ran once. Scale was mean to me. To be fair, it was a tough week at school. We had a field trip AND administered the end-of-the-year tests. But! Success on starting to study French again, so not a total failure.
Week 3: Monday off to a good start, ran today and planning on running tomorrow both ways. Studied Spanish last night and remembered many of the verbs today. Will keep repeating.

Need to keep on track on these goals, so far doing ok. 🙂 Does anyone happen to know of an online calorie tracker that has foods from other countries? Of course I can’t really calculate Korean food (or Indian or Thai, my main foods here) accurately on the ones I’ve been trying. Life.




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