Flowers and incense: Bangkok, Thailand

14 01 2009


Of course can’t remember which wat…. but this actually MAY have been the city shrine… memory… failing. Anyhow, I love all the colors and textures in the temple offerings in Thailand. Double plus good for the photo practicing.

Best news ever: I’ll be heading to Japan for the Lunar New Year! Japan is mega tons expensive, so I’m glad to be doing just a short trip even though I know that I will want to go back to explore more fully. It will be my first trip with my dear friend Kaitlyn (if you dont count Seoraksan, I suppose), who is leaving Korea at the end of February. Korea will become a much sadder place, to be certain. We’re excited to visit Tokyo and Kyoto, but mostly excited for the fashion. Korea’s colored tights have nothing on the Harajuku girls, so we’re hoping to pick up some inspiration!

Any advice on must-sees for a quick trip? We’ll be a day and a half in Tokyo and 2 days in Kyoto. Definitely the most money I’ve paid for a quick trip, but it should be well worth it for a chance to see another corner of Asia, and some much needed quality time with my dearest Kaitlyn.




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14 01 2009
Aunt Shelly

Enjoy your next adventure!!! When is the Lunar New Year? Where is your friend, Kaitlyn from? Know you’ll have a grand time in Japan.

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