The Grand Palace: Bangkok, Thailand

5 01 2009

The Grand Palace

After cloudy weather in Koh Phangan, Bangkok seemed an island paradise. Of course, one laden with street food (awesome), heaps of temples (also awesome) and  of course, prostitutes of vague sexual orientation (more interesting than awesome….). One of the few things I got to see on my quickie in Bangkok (1 night! 2 days more/less) was the Grand Palace. I looked every part the dirty backpacker with an old Burning Couch jersey (no tank tops allowed), baggy Thai pants, and of course carrying everything on my back with a camera around my neck. Hot stuff, let me tell you. Our “guesthouse” was dingy and the shower never got quite warm, but it was a cheap and wonderful way to see a city I’ve been curious about for some time now. Conclusion: must come back, hopefully for a lengthy stay. I’m sure there will be more posts to follow as I collect my wits and my photos, but here is just a small taste of my 500+ photos. Sweet perception courtesy of Daniel’s wide angle lens (really ought to start adding to my lenses…)

Anyhow, enjoy the snippet and I’ll be writing a lot more often due to that pesky goal of mine. GREAT goal I might add. Have a lovely evening!




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