The Most Narrow House: Amsterdam, Netherlands

6 12 2008

Narrow House




3 responses

6 12 2008
Nomadic Matt

it’s a cool house. did u learn the history of the house too? i thought it was a funny story.

6 12 2008

This is Singel 166 and it is 180 cm wide.

But… The narrowest house in the world is located at Singel number 7. The house is a metre (around 40 inches) wide—barely wider than its front door. Appearances though can be deceiving; this is the back of the house. The front is a lot wider.

7 12 2008

You know, I probably did hear the story but it’s been a couple years and I can’t remember! 😦

Interesting that there is a MORE narrow house, thanks I didn’t know!!

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