Twelve Apostles: Victoria, Australia

20 12 2008

Great Ocean Road

I ate lunch at Syd and Mel’s with my friend Ana in Itaewon today and their amazing photos in the stairwell leading up to the cafe got me all nostalgic and missing Australia. My tript ot he Great Ocean Road was organized by my university in NSW, and it’s definitely on my list of things to go back and “do better”.

Additional note, Syd and Mel’s was delicious and I highly recommend the Sydney Cristo. It’s a Monte Cristo that’s all greasy and fried up the way it should be. They also served fresh fruit with it. With a 14,000 won price tag it’s a bit much but really not bad for Itaewon dining. Plus they give you a beverage, and the coffee is Americano. I couldn’t help but be reminded of all the coffee I drank when living in Oz (those lates club nights and ummm occasional attendance to morning courses) and how lovely life there was. Sigh. Back soon, love.

Agh, forgot to mention. The music was terrible at Syd and Mel’s. This really wretched Christmas music with terrifying voices and sound effects. I’ll go back after the holidays to do some more solid investigating of the usual music, which has to be better than the utter crap they were playing today.


Tongariro Crossing, North Island, New Zealand

17 12 2008

Tongariro Crossing

A long hike with amazing views! I love New Zealand 🙂

Somewhere on a train near Lyon, France.

16 12 2008

Probably the only marriage proposal I will ever receive en francais. Good luck finding the right girl your age, kiddo.
French boy

Sculpture by the Sea 2007: Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

11 12 2008

Bondi Spoon

Interlaken, Switzerland

7 12 2008


The Most Narrow House: Amsterdam, Netherlands

6 12 2008

Narrow House

Love love love

4 12 2008

This is why I love my job:


And provided that Thailand can get its act together, I’ll be headed there in about 3 weeks with 2 of these fine ladies, and the photographer!