On Becoming Less of a Slacker

18 11 2008

I would like to post more, and more often. However, I am lazy. And a mad procrastinator. To try to make up for it, I’m going to introduce a new segment to the site! It will be…. *drumroll*

The (Almost) Daily Travel Photo!

Travel photos because I am too lazy to upload the thousands of photos I have for another page on the site and that (Almost) part is added because let’s be real, I can never be counted on to do something daily. But I will sure try! And perhaps even start a backlog for when I have lazy days!

To start off the fun, here’s a couple photos from my trip to Seoraksan this weekend. And perhaps I’ll go start working on that backlog….


rock piles for luck!


roof tiles with various messages in many languages!


the view from the bottom


the cable car to the top of the tallest peak


cable car close-up




One response

18 11 2008

I love your “slacker” note……..Conner is a major procrastinator also…must be the brainac in you two!!! Keep the photos coming………it’s absolutely beautiful!!

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