Brandenburg Gate: Berlin, Germany

30 11 2008



Jenolan Caves: New South Wales, Australia

28 11 2008


Lover’s Walk: Cinque de Terre, Italy

24 11 2008


Metro Line 4: Seoul, South Korea

23 11 2008


In honor of the new camera, the photo today is more recent. Samgakji station, Line 4, transfer to Line 6. Wish I would have taken this picture a little straighter, I think it would look pretty sweet all lined up. Hope you all have a lovely day!

Snap Happy

23 11 2008

This weekend I finally bought what I’ve been lusting after for awhile… a DSLR camera. I bought the Canon 450d, and I got the Japanese version so it’s named ‘Kiss’, which is kind of cute. I’ve been walking around taking photos of everything since, even though I’m not too savvy on how to work the thing out of Auto mode. I think I will be devoting a lot of time now to getting better at it!

I’ve mostly been taking pictures of my dog, because while she may not be the most willing subject, she can’t really complain too much about it. I went to Namsan Tower today with Daniel and one of his friends and took way too many photos of the dog. With the shutter speed of the camera I’m able to get good photos of her for once! I can’t wait to try it out on my 13 other free subjects… my students!

I’m too tired to go through and rotate all my photos right now (I can’t figure out how to do it directly on wordpress, agh) so here’s a link to the facebook album I put up for my first 24 hours of dinking around with my camera. 🙂

New! Camera!

Fraser Island: Australia

23 11 2008


Australian War Memorial: Canberra, Australia

19 11 2008