1 week in… rave review

21 09 2008

One week into our new Itaewon home and everything is lovely. I love the restaurants, the proximity to the bars and most of all I love the small twisting back alleys where I can discover new treasures everyday and walk my dog without worry of cars. In short: I ❤ Itaewon.

On Thursday night I went to a fabulous Bulgarian restaurant (back to you on the name, maybe I’ll even snap a photo) with my fabulous coworker and had some seriously fabulous food. I had chicken stuffed with spinach with a sweet creamy sauce and vegetables that were to die for. The best meal I’ve had in Korea, no contest. Top it off with some white sangria (a little weak but still delicious) and we had just about the best Thursday night we could have without breaking my rule of NO HANGOVERS ON SCHOOL DAYS (I’ve been good, honest! I’ve only been close once!). Afterward we headed to the Bungalow for a a cocktail (for me) and a glass of wine (for her). The Bungalow has to be one of my favorite places in Seoul. They make strong martinis without a hint of tonic water (don’t ask) and have rooms featuring sand covered floors and swings to sit in. Swings… in a bar! For someone who is 22-going-on-8 like me, that’s just about the best thing you could put in a bar.

More great times were had this weekend at places of note in Seoul, but then I’d have to venture out of my Rave Review: Itaewon focus and I will save that for another time.

To recap:

  • visit that Bulgarian restaurant (seriously, will add the name soon)
  • have a cocktail and a swing at the Bungalow
  • thank me later



3 responses

22 09 2008
Nomadic Matt

can I thank you now?

I hear good things about that area. How far from downtown Seoul are you? I’m not up on my Seoul geography.

26 09 2008

I feel rather stupid that I’m not sure what “downtown” Seoul is exactly supposed to be. My best guess would be city hall, but I’ve never been there from Itaewon. Itaewon is quite fabulous if you like to party and eat foreign food, but is generally looked down upon by the Koreans. Although the only reason my co-teacher gave is that she is afraid of black people, so that might not be the best view of the area. Definitely lots to see and close to everything, which is lovely!

28 09 2008
Nomadic Matt

Koreans= racist. They do not like black people whatsoever!!! Don’t even get them started on the japanese either lol…

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