Walk it out

20 09 2008

It’s been a week of frenzied activity here in Seoul. Daniel and I moved to Itaewon on Monday, I celebrated my first Korean holiday (Chu Seok!), went on the first of many field trips with my class and basically turned life upside down. One of the biggest challenges to our new location is the commute. After almost two months of living within 15 minutes by walking to my school, now I have an hour walking commute. It’s slightly faster to take the bus, but I decided to jump start a healthier lifestyle by walking. After only four days I’m feeling stronger and more energized.

Truth be told, I’m terrible about exercise. I will do it if I have an “easy” option. Walking to school (which will be increased to intervals then running to school) is something that can easily be fit into my routine. I have to be there anyhow, so turning the commute into exercise works for me. I have a tendency to get control of my health in waves, committing for awhile then getting derailed by a vacation or a routine change. It’s finally starting to catch up to me. Damn it if I don’t know better, but sometimes it just seems like so much work.

I’m happy with this new routine and I’m sure it will help me on many levels. With more energy I can be a better teacher, have more self-confidence and positively impact my future. I’ve often used moving or the start of a new season to jumpstart fitness routines or healthy eating, but if I continue moving every year or two I know I will need to prioritize these things if I’m ever to stick to it.

How do you stay in shape while traveling?




2 responses

20 09 2008

How difficult is it to get a teaching job in Seoul and what credentials do you need?

21 09 2008

It’s quite easy, actually. All you need is a bachelor’s degree (not necessarily in education) and then you have to go through some interviews and the visa process. There are countless sites that can help, just google ‘teaching in Korea’. Let me know if you have any more specific questions. So far it has been an incredible experience, good luck!

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