The Legionnaire’s Lament

31 08 2008

Hello again friends, rough week around the den of kindness, unfortunately. I was pretty sick with some kind of freak cold that made me want to die while teaching kindergarten. Add that to some misunderstanding/miscommunication with my Korean co-teacher (which has since been resolved with some much needed sit down time), and it wasn’t my favorite week in Seoul.

However, I did visit the zoo last weekend in Seoul Grand Park and it was wonderful! Daniel and I were wondering about the quality of the zoo in Seoul, but we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the zoo and the variety of animals. The zoo-goers could have been better, though. I noticed more than a few people throwing food into the animal cages, mostly monkeys and bears. Gahhh what a horrible idea!

Anyway, the zoo was great. Here are some photos!

meerkat manor ruined us

meerkat manor ruined us

ostriches are funny looking

ostriches are funny looking

Oh how I love zoos. We spent 5+ hours wandering around the zoo followed by hurrying home to join friends to go out. Nights out in Seoul are deadly. Two things I learned from this particular night: 1) do not mix 1 bottle of soju into 2 pitchers of beer and 2) when singing noraebang (karaoke) do not allow anyone to film it. I think these are life lessons every person should know before stepping out in Seoul.

My final passing thought: listen to The Decemberists. I change my favorite song pretty much all the time, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for ‘The Legionnaire’s Lament”. Enjoy.




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