Where for art thou?

17 08 2008

‘pologies, interwebs. Sometimes life gets busy and then sometimes you feel more like losing your mind in a book, movie, tv show…. not thinking and writing. But then your head comes out your ass and you realize SO MUCH LIFE! MUST DOCUMENT! And then we return.

And by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’, but no worries, I’m back. And fabulous.

I’m a little nervous for the coming week, I can’t lie. I have three-ish weeks of teaching kindergarten under my belt, and I have parent/teacher conferences. Cue the “impending doom” music. Apparently our mommies are a little terrifying, and have a tendency to use mind games to get us to dish about the other kids in class. To which I ask: WTF Korean mommies?!?! The kids are already under enough pressure without someone else’s mom trying to get into their bizness. To me, these kids are amazing. Some of them are scarcely 5 years old and already practically fluent in a language they were not born into, and some of their parents don’t even understand. They attend a school where they AREN’T ALLOWED to speak their native tongue. How cool, right? Now if more cultures made an effort to learn other languages… ahem.

In other, happier, better and awesome-er news, the BOYFRIEND has arrived! I could not be more ecstatic. He’s with me for a week before being sequestered into orientation with the public school people. Korea, while already amazing, just got a little brighter.




2 responses

18 08 2008
Nomadic Matt

enjoy your week with your boyfriend!

19 08 2008

Only because you talk about me will I forgive your egregious misuse of “wherefore.”

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