8 08 2008

In an evening at Costco, I got married, had a honeymoon and realized I’d be able to survive in Korea, food-wise.

Let me explain.

I obviously didn’t actually get married. In fact, the boyfriend who is arriving SO SOON might have a problem with that. In actuality, all I got was a spouse membership to Costco with my friend Jen. Which kind of feels like getting married since we are financially tied together, at least for food. Our honeymoon consisted of eating amazing chocolate truffles in the cab on the way back to my neighborhood. They were phenomenal. And surviving? I bought olive oil, pasta, feta cheese and those phenomenal truffles. I am not banished to a life of kimchi.

Don’t get me wrong, Korean food isn’t all bad. But I don’t like kimchi. Or mystery meat. Or seafood with eyeballs still attached. These preferences severely limit my options here. But thanks to Costco, I will survive.

Three big cheers for Costco!




3 responses

9 08 2008
Nomadic Matt

Not eating Kimichi in Korea is like going to italy and trying to find something without pasta. I dunno how you manage- they serve that with everything.

10 08 2008

yes but the key is… they don’t put it on top! I like most other Korean dishes I’ve tried, I just can’t get myself to like that fermented cabbage taste 🙂

13 10 2008

Oh, you guys don’t know what you are missing!! My BFF is Korean…..her kimchi is awesome……maybe it’s the way she’ makes hers. You know you can’t really experience a country without trying the local cuisine. But I understand Alicia……………..I couldn’t bring myself to try rotted shark while we lived in Iceland!!

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