31 07 2008

I’m taking my first trip within S. Korea this weekend, if you don’t count traversing Seoul by subway, that is! I’m headed to Busan by bus (you don’t want to know how long I tried to make that pun work…) for the Busan Rock Festival and Ultimate Tournament. I didn’t recognize a single band on the rock festival list, so you might say I’m going for the ultimate. I’m excited to kick off my 10 day break from teaching 5 year olds with a little exploration, exercise and debauchery.

Last weekend’s foray into the world of Seoultimate (oh yes, I continue to go there) lifted my spirits. I’m in godawful shape, but there is something about this humid air that makes my lungs hold on for a few hours of running, throwing and catching.

After 4 years, countless knee pain and threat of major injury, through the bad times and the good, I still love this sport. I love that you can go anywhere in the world and play a game of pickup and go to a tournament or two, and meet new friends who share your interest in ultimate at least, and probably a lot more.

Wish me luck 😉

Disclaimer: No Koreans were harmed in the making of these puns. My boyfriend is undoubtably groaning in INTENSE PAIN…. mission accomplished.




3 responses

31 07 2008

I swear that every time I hear a Seoul pun, a bit of the writer inside me dies. They’re even worse than any Thai puns I’ve ever heard.

31 07 2008

Pun that drives Daniel crazy = SUCCESS!

3 08 2008
Nomadic Matt

good luck!

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