it’s true, i’m creepy

21 06 2008

(original post: 2/2/07)

In the shower tonight, I got to thinking. (sex in the city reference, anyone? anyone?)…. anyhow, I was thinking… why am I such a creep?
To put it into context, let me admit, I do *on occasion* or perhaps *more than a little* read the weblogs of strangers. It began with a few very witty strangers with very interesting lives. Or perhaps not that interesting of daily lives, but very different cultural or geographical experiences than my own.
I could analyze it with a simple “I’m very interested in people”, which would technically be true. I am a communication major and my favorite books are those with EXCELLENT characterization. However, upon comparing them to the books I read, I realized something.
In every great book, there is invariably an ending. Often it is tidy, brings some conflict to rest or preaches a moral standard. Whatever. In any case, they end, and I am often devastated. But… these people, their lives…. they MUST KEEP GOING! Nobody reaches some kind of stopping place and just… stops. I realize books are a “window” and I should enjoy them as such, but with the advent of the internet, I am now satisfied.

Real people, real lives, never ending.

While they may hit road bumps, minor conflicts that end up resolving themselves or perhaps huge life changing crises, life still goes on. People grow, they change, and I get to read about them for YEARS. Not days (or hours, as my reading habits often do not allow a book to remain unfinished), but literally, they just live. And write. And I get to see it all unfold.

The moral of this story: I may be a creep, but I really enjoy a good story.




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