I don’t seem obvious do I?

21 06 2008

(original post: 10/23/06)

My Berry-Good tea is the most delightful shade of purple with just the right amount of honey. Outside it’s very brisk, my ears regretted my lack of forethought with regards to wearing a hat. The MSU Museum is empty at this hour, so I still have no interview, no quotes, nothing at all for my feature story due WEDNESDAY. Stressed out? I should be. But I spent all of yesterday reading about the intricacies of immune responses and eating ice cream, and tossing disc in the mud. The tea helps, too. I could write an excellent story without quotes, but they are part of the grade. Damn.

I spend far too much time online. But I like reading, and stranger’s blogs are much like novels. The best part about blogs as novels? They don’t end, leaving me wanting more. People keep living, and their stories continue for years. There is always an archive with a backstory, always a post for every mood. I think I’m addicted to the lives of other people. Not that my own isn’t enough, but something about commiserating with people I’ve never met, realizing we’re all so alike and the human condition is very much a shared experience is very comforting.

Onto the rest of Monday, g’day.

One of my life goals is to write a novel. I’ve got some strange notion in my head that I could possibly write THE Great American Novel, which is strange because I have never believed that one novel could attain such status. There is no one defining American experience, so many cultures come to this place and don’t even tend to mix that much at all. Perhaps there is a notion of the American experience, but I think it’s probably something misleading like becoming rich and famous, or being able to provide for your family on minimum wage. Land of the free…

I have digressed from my point, it seems. I will just say this: someday I will write a novel, and it will hopefully be an ok read. I will also train for triathlons when I stop being so godawful busy. Let’s hope my goals are not unattainable. Back to the grind!

[honesty or mystery? tell me I’m not scared anymore]




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