Summer Lovin’

12 06 2008

I have a general appreciation for all seasons, but summer is my all time favorite. Although I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, yesterday I headed to the campus pool to lounge, read and swim. I’ve succeeded in convincing the receptionists that I am still a student (Yes, here’s my id card, no I don’t have a pass this semester so I’ll just pay, no worries!), because alumni rates are approximately 3x as much. I don’t feel too bad about my deceit, as I’ve only been out of school for a month or so. Since I am job-less and homeless I don’t have much structure to my days, so a trip to the pool is a perfect way to waste away the day. I threw on my neon pink bikini (this new craze of 80s wear has made it so much easier for me to dress like a complete nutter) and a black and white striped dress that reminds me of 1940’s beachwear. With the giant bug sunglasses (don’t hate, I love those damn things) and a straw tote bag, I was ever the idyllic pool lounger. I also managed to kick/swim a 500 even though I wasn’t outfitted for swimming-as-exercise. May as well get the heart pumping a little along with all the lounging and reading.

I finished my second reading of ‘Running with Scissors’, because nothing makes me happier than laughing out loud at books, and Augusten Burroughs is pretty much perfect for that. Plus he obviously had an extremely unusual childhood, and it’s nice to see even the most fucked up kids grow up alright. I also started reading ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’. I’m now halfway through it and am enjoying it thus far.

In conclusion: summer is perfect poolside with a book.

Fin 🙂




One response

13 06 2008

Sounds perfect…

Love the name of your blog BTW. Hello Babies, Welcome to Earth. Classic.

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