have love, will travel

10 06 2008

For me, the decision to move abroad and teach English was an easy one. I’m not one to meticulously plan each detail or worry about what “could” happen. I do understand that there will be challenges, but what kind of an experience would it be without a little personal challenge and hopefully, growth. The past three years or so I’ve been intensely traveling at every moment possible. I’ve been to 9 new countries, lived in Australia for 5 months, driven around a country COMPLETELY ALONE (granted it was New Zealand, and the sheep were fairly harmless despite causing roadblocks), been to a few new states in the States, and generally discovered a passion within for exploring and experiencing different countries and cultures. 3 weeks in Europe excited me for travel, but 5 months in Australia destroyed me. Now I feel like I have to live in a place to truly experience it, to truly understand the country (or at least have a decent go at understanding it).

Lucky for me, I’m young, relatively unattached (no more school! boyfriend is coming WITH!) and completely convinced that the world is my oyster. Hopefully somewhere along the way my restless self will either resolve itself or I will find a sustainable way to travel forever.

In the travel vein, I found an interesting link to some of the top travel destinations that Americans can’t or shouldn’t visit. I was aware of the beauty of Cuba and Myanmar, but who knew Iran had gorgeous beaches? I am in awe of how much I don’t know just because of living in the States, and the selective information taught to us in school and life about other areas of the world. Interesting, and terrifying.

[if you need lovin’, oh baby i travel]




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