it’s getting better all the time

28 04 2008

My first comment! Woo! This blog is certainly taking off, hahaha. Since I now kind of have a reader I suppose I should update more often, hey?

Just for an update, life is looking quite bright at the moment. I got an official job in Korea and will be working at a private kindergarten starting in July. Not only that, but the ex-boyfriend/re-boyfriend has elected to try and join me. What’s better than exploring a foreign land by yourself? Exploring a foreign land with your best friend. I can’t wait!

In other news, my ultimate frisbee team here in Michigan just won a bid to the college NATIONALS tournament. For the first time since 1985, we are going. The excitement here is palpable. We sprayed champagne everywhere yesterday after winning, and basically went insane. Amazing. Nationals are in Boulder, CO so I will be roadtripping there with a few of my favorite teammates in just three short weeks. This win and the trip to natties is the best graduation present I could have ever asked for. Except perhaps, my official grad present, my beautiful new baby macbook laptop. I’m so afraid of marring the pristine white keyboard that I wash my hands before typing and food does not come within a 5 foot radius. Not to mention coffee or other open-top beverages (my beer can be within arms reach, naturally).

And now that I sound like an alcoholic, that’s enough of my accidentally amazing life. Tune in soon for updates on graduation! nationals! roadtrip fun! and korea!