rainy day, dream away

31 03 2008

What I love about rainy days:

  • patterned wellies
  • my fly new raincoat (I’m currently taking the over/under on how long it stays pristine white, get your bets in now!)
  • smoky eyes from smudged mascara
  • the smell of the rain
  • tea and watching the rain from the window
  • walking through puddles in wellies
  • umbrellas!

What I hate about rainy days:

  • cars spraying unsuspecting sidewalk users
  • the line of dirt water up the back from riding my bike to class
  • wet hair
  • the wet tops of legs from bike riding (I live far from campus, I can’t help it!)
  • the grey, grey sky
  • sitting in class, wet.

Hey, at least I started with the good things, right?

[ah, let the sun take a holiday]




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