rainy day, dream away

31 03 2008

What I love about rainy days:

  • patterned wellies
  • my fly new raincoat (I’m currently taking the over/under on how long it stays pristine white, get your bets in now!)
  • smoky eyes from smudged mascara
  • the smell of the rain
  • tea and watching the rain from the window
  • walking through puddles in wellies
  • umbrellas!

What I hate about rainy days:

  • cars spraying unsuspecting sidewalk users
  • the line of dirt water up the back from riding my bike to class
  • wet hair
  • the wet tops of legs from bike riding (I live far from campus, I can’t help it!)
  • the grey, grey sky
  • sitting in class, wet.

Hey, at least I started with the good things, right?

[ah, let the sun take a holiday]


I waste a lot of time on the internet

20 03 2008

You’d think with so much time spent online, I’d devote more of it to writing. Ohh no. I just spend time reading blogs and looking at things I want. Like this. A tripod for a camera that can wrap around tree branches? I could take so many ridiculous photos with that. Thanks to the Mighty Goods shop for that find, although I feel I’ve seen the Gorillapod somewhere before… hmm.. oh well!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of things. I attribute this to turning off my iPod (or, more accurately, FORGETTING my iPod at home). Living a 10-15 minute bike ride from campus allows for a lot of thinking. I realized I think about more things per day than I could ever write about. In order to salvage decent posts from this insane mental overload, I think I’ll make lists of things I want to remember to write about, for those days when nothing is on my mind. Today this list includes:

  • Urban Outfitters, and how I am indebted to them for every adorable thing I own (today, $5 earrings, and another clutch wallet [black patent faux croc!] to replace the silver one I rubbed all the silver off with too. much. use
  • the state of the environment, and how we never seem to do ENOUGH (but composting and recycling are great steps, yay blue house!)
  • one of those 100 things about me. Perhaps would make a good ‘About Me’ page when I’m done being lazy
  • 100 things I love (I found a list like this today, but have already closed the window. it involves listing things that you love that are NOT specific-person oriented, to take your happiness into your own hands. Brilliant.)
  • Eating well, that constant struggle
  • Social alcoholism
  • Writing. I think I can do this. Will time tell if I have some sort of novel in me? Who knows. Maybe I’m a short story kind of lady. We shall see.

And all that thinking in just one bike ride! Really must stop forgetting my iPod, leads to all this constructive thinking in varying degrees of depth. How utterly abhorrent, thinking. pshh.

Goodnight internet, I will leave you be to go snuggle my warm boyfriend, fresh from a company soccer match. Yum.